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Winamp 3 plugin

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Motherboard Monitor

Winamp 3 plugin

8/23/2002 15:30 Winamp 3 plugin
New version of Winamp 3 plugin. This version is compatible with the release (final) version of Winamp 3.

Download it here
7/29/2002 10:36 Winamp 3 plugin
This is a beta version of a winamp 3 plugin, not all the features are included (yet) and it still contains some minor bugs. This version is compatible with Winamp 3 build 278.

Download it here
GLCD System Monitor

07/11/2002 10:04 Added performance data
This version can also display performance data (The data you see in the Performance Monitor application).

Just enter the name of the data you want to monitor (or use the browse button) and check the 'Performance Data' checkbox.

07/03/2002 11:33 First beta version
This is the first beta version of the system monitor. Not much to configure yet. It displays sensor and history data from MBM 5 on the LCD screen. Make sure MBM is running before you start the program.

Plugin for Matrix Orbital LCD GLK12232 & GLK24064

06/25/2002 10:30 Another update
  • Cleaned up the code and removed some small bugs. The plugin should be a bit faster and it is possible to select a thickness of 1 for the bars.
  • Added a splash screen at startup and shutdown.
06/21/2002 14:19 New version
Now includes:
  • Falloff option
  • Flow Control option. This will make the drawing of the bars very fast. And it also reduces the load on the cpu.
06/21/2002 Screenshots
For screenshots check out Matrix Orbital Software Forum